All other Marketing Award entries for 2013

All other Marketing Award entries for 2013


Rhondda Cynon Taff – Health and Wellbeing Day

Judge’s Comment

Firstly congratulations on a campaign that increased membership by good margins. However – when setting objectives : remember that objectives must be SMART – so I would like to have seen some indication of the target % increase you were after – otherwise any increase could be seen as a desirable result (which I know it is but on the other hand could it have been even better?). The theme and strategy were good. Concentrate on one theme and market it clearly and positively – again well done for this aspect of your campaign. I was disappointed not to have seen social media activity and any follow up on the press release. Overall: for the budget you achieved a healthy increase in members and a brilliant marketing resource with the collection of quotations…any idea how you intend to use these?

Neath Port Talbot – Pick ‘n’ Mix Book Club

Judge’s Comment

Another entry that started by identifying a ‘customer’ problem and then setting out to solve it – and in this case did so with very good results – well done. Interestingly from a marketing perspective – you start with somewhat of a captive market and then create an offer that has real value. However the campaign is not without its slight flaws. I would like to have seen a set of SMART objectives for the activity and an idea of the target aimed for – this allows for measurement and future budgeting. The roll out of the scheme deserves merit I think as you have clearly hit upon a winner. Overall well done and credit to you for looking at the problems from the users perspective and then seeking a value adding solution.

Bangor Univeristy – Body Wise

Judge’s Comment

This entry is worthy of praise because it recognises what went wrong and makes some comment about how such marketing mistakes can be mitigated in the future. On the positive side: there are some good ideas here – the concept of wellbeing is widely understood (most probably by more  female students than male but…) and it is noteworthy that the reflexology class/session was well (ish) attended – does this reflect the aspect of fashion marketing in health? On the negative side: far too much going on – which has created a confused offer for the customer – focus on one thing and communicate the value to the end user – successful marketing is really about focus and integration of communication.

Neath Port Talbot – Facebook Marketing

Judge’s Comment

From a marketing perspective I think this entry is really very valuable as it clearly sets out to explore the potential of social media in the library space. The results are interesting and I would commend you for the analysis of the activity (all be it rather short). The end results were pretty impressive but I feel that it will be the next phase of the project that will bring the real benefits as you now know much more about the potential audience and some of the problems that are encountered with the use of SM. I would like to have seen some metrics to go alongside your objectives…perhaps as the project rolls out and I think much of what you have gained here should be disseminated to fellow librarians as the value of the project is experientially high.

Estyn Allan Y Gogledd – Your Library, Use it, Join it, Love it!

Judge’s Comment

Like all good marketing activities this one keeps it simple. The objectives were clear (although not SMART) and the results were good across the board. The art work was simple but effective and used in an integrated way throughout all marketing collateral. I like the fact that you have thought about the sustainability of the campaign too – so well done.

Monmouthshire – Summer Book Relay

Judge’s Comment

Not really an entry for a marketing award as such – but highly innovative and heart-warming. Having said that it is not strictly a marketing entry it does have all the elements of a good marketing strategy – in that there is a clear aim and objectives, some very unusual (entrepreneurial) use of the staff resource and very good publicity for the library service in Monmouthshire. I even think there could be a highly sustainable aspect to the activity in that perhaps it could become an annual feature open to leisure cyclists throughout Monmouthshire who enjoy reading- my thoughts are that you may have the basis for something very interesting here – well done!

Blaenau Gwent – Six Book Challenge

Judge’s Comment

Three years on and the scheme continues to grow  – thus the entry proves that it has a good level of sustainability built in. The objectives are clear and in reality the outcomes are in marketing terms somewhat meaningless as getting a reluctant adult to read is a valuable outcome even if it is one at a time. The effective use of PR and press coverage is commendable and I would like to have seen some Social Media monitoring. Given that one of the rewards is chocolate…what’s not to like about this entry!

Both BG entries scored high on their use of partnering and attracting new/reluctant audiences to the library service and sustainability of the projects.

Cardiff – Marketing the Librry April – Dec

Judge’s Comments

Ok – I think in past years I have stated that the Library could teach many a commercial organisation a trick or two about how to execute professional marketing . My words are chosen with care here – as marketing is more than just promotion and in some way: sales. So with this entry Cardiff have done it again – a high quality demonstration of how to do marketing – and with no marketing budget but a lot of initiative. You cover all the bases and basics and you are to be commended for that and your leverage of partnerships is excellent. However – Cardiff is a pretty vibrant city and you have the availability of major partners and activities to partner with – now that’s not to undermine the fact that you do – but it is  unique feature of being in a city. Yet again your entry will enter my collection of marketing excellent case studies – well done. And one final thing – and I have commended you before on this – the fact that you also market internally is again excellent marketing management.

Bridgend – Panto!

Judge’s Comments

This is the type of entry that has become a feature of the Bridgend team – an event that involved dressing up and one that is full of energy and enthusiasm! I like the style of this event – it is innovative and executed clearly well. I do however feel that you need to set some sharper objectives (SMART) and make more of the press and PR opportunities that your enthusiasm deserves. I also wonder if you could involve library users in the production next time in order to leverage ‘word of mouth’ communication and enhancement. This entry scores high on the aspects of creativity and innovation and equally on sustainability.

Bangor University – Primary School Children

Judge’s Comments

A good (if perhaps overlong?) set of objectives gives some direction to an event that could have gone off at a tangent very easily!  (overlong in respect that I’m not convinced of the parental objective). Clearly a day that the pupils have enjoyed and will talk about – and it’s chattability that matters in todays marketplace – I would like to have seen some attempt at monitoring such chattability amongst and on social media platforms and would also like to have seen a follow-up activity back in the schools to assess the impact and thus the objectives. Some excellent partnering going on within the project too (both within the University departments and with the community provision). Overall: a well executed campaign that fulfilled many of the objectives – but full payback may take some time – as I’m not fully convinced that this is your target audience.

Bangor University – A Victorian Christmas

Judge’s Comments

Sounds like a fun event – and one that succeeded in fulfilling the objectives that were set. Excellent use of partners and although costly – you gained two marketing paybacks: 1) the event attracted some external PR and the feedback has led to the development of more activity which will be more tightly focussed and thus successful in the long term – well done. Again the social media angle has not been covered and this may have been very good for this event. Overall you have done well as the marketing outcomes are clearly identifiable and value has been extracted through PR and future events. As far as sustainability goes…well Christmas comes around every year and so offers the potential to build year on year – the goal being that it could become part of a Bangor Christmas.

Rhydypennau, Cardiff – Capital Reads

Marketing Materials

Judge’s Comments

‘An interesting campaign and the example given on self publishing is really very contemporary given the success of E. L . James. The use of partners is very good. I think the objectives whilst sound do need to have some metric added – so making these SMART will enable you to evaluate more accurately the outcome of the efforts made. In a similar vein you suggest that the event was a cost neutral one – however you need to consider staff time and thus cost in such activity. It is always good to see a reflection on the event and one where the negatives are highlighted – this then becomes the basis for future development. Well done – an event that has clear sustainability and great partnering.’

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