Swansea University








The ‘Parrots plagiarise…do you?’ event was held from the 6

th November to the 11th

November 2012. This week long series of events was designed to promote the 4

styles of referencing used by Undergraduates at Swansea University and to remind

students about the importance of avoiding plagiarism and referencing correctly in

assignments. We created a series of fun events to help students grasp a topic which

can be very dry.

Judge’s Comments

A really creative idea here to solve a major issue for academics and students – so well done for identification of the problem to solve! The parrot device was well constructed and better still used throughout all media and communication – including personal communication – I especially like the ‘teaser’ nature of the campaign – this is a marketing communications trick of the first order – so again well done. The sustainability feature is build in to the campaign as every year and thus every new intake of students will need to know about this issue so time and money spent now is recoverable over the longer term. One down side: as Palgrave were involved in part – perhaps they could have contributed to some of the cost?